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Meade DSI III and Pro III Images

Today we feature The New DSI III and DSI Pro III images from Meade Instruments

The image to the right was taken by Mark Sibole, one of the beta testers, with a DSI Pro III. Check out all the images taken by the beta test team in the DSI III Beta folder here: DSI III Beta Folder

Welcome to AutoStarSuite.Net and thank you for stopping by.  This site has been created to serve as a source for Astronomy enthusiasts who share a common goal of learning, sharing, and helping others in this wonderful science and hobby.  While the emphasis of this site centers on Meade products such as the DSI and LPI imagers, telescopes, and software, we welcome any and all discussions that will interest others as well.

AutoStarSuite.Net first went live in 2004 to provide support for the Meade AutoStar Suite of applications and cameras to the astronomy community by members of that community.  We are now on our 4th version of this site in two years and are continuing to grow not only in our membership but in the areas and products that are now supported.  With the release in January 2005 of several new products by Meade Instruments including the DSI II / DSI-Pro II, LX90GPS, LX200R, the new ED APOs and the previously produced RCX400s, AutoStarSuite.Net has expanded it capabilities to include all of these in its forum.

You will also find other changes to this new version of the site beyond the products covered.  In the Forums section, we have added sidebar lists of  Current topics, Your topics, unread posts, and other items to help you better navigate and work within the forums.  We have also improved the editing capabilities and users may now specify the look and feel of their forums through the preferences dialogue.

One of the major new features of this site is the files section.  In this area, you will find Articles, FAQs,  Documentation, and applications.  Check this section often for the latest updates to documentation or the latest updates and patches for your Meade telescope or other accessories

If you are visiting here for the first time, please feel free to browse the various forums, galleries, and file sections.  As a visitor, you may read all forum posts, view images and download items from the files section.  While being a member of AutoStarSuite.Net is not required to use this site, there are many benefits to becoming a member.  These include the ability to post to the various forums, comment on images in the galleries and post images of your own.  Each member is automatically provided their own gallery as well when they join where you may upload images and provide links to others for viewing your images online.  There is no limit to the number of images you may upload, you may create sub-folders and categories for your images, and even change the look and feel of your personal gallery.

Once again, thank you for joining us here.  Please feel free to contact the administrators of this site with any questions, concerns, or comments you may have.

Stephen P Hamilton
AutoStarSuite.Net Site Administrator

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AutoStarSuite.Net does not accept nor ask for monetary compensation for hosting Ads on our site.  The Banner Ads that you see on these pages are selected by the AutoStarSuite.Net team specifically for the benefit of the users here.  Since we do not accept compensation for these ads, we are able to decide which ads will be most beneficial and those that we feel our users will be most interested in.  In general, these ads are for companies or organizations that provide either products or services directly related to the Meade telescopes and cameras, or other general purpose astronomical areas. 

If you know of an organization you feel should be represented here in our banner ad section, or you have a company and you would like to have an ad here, please contact me (Stephen P Hamilton) directly to discuss the specifics further.  We also welcome your comments on the links and banner ads we are currently hosting.

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