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Posted By: Stephen P Hamilton Views: 19928
Date Added: Tue, Jan 10 2006
Fri, Apr 28 2006 4:27 AM
Hello I hope you can help me out. I'am looking to bye the DSI-PRO for my scope. I have a Meade 16" starfinder with the Magellan II Handbox Control. Will the AUTO STAR SUITE work with the magellan II???
Tue, May 30 2006 3:04 AM
Although the FAQ indicates there is no glow in the upper left corner, I clearly see a glow when taking darks.
Wed, Mar 14 2007 1:10 PM
Hi everyone. I ordered the DSI with the autostar suite 2.0 several weeks ago but when I got it the installation CD was scrathed so I cannot install the software. Is there any chance that someone would know where I could download it or if someone could send it me? I will contact the dealers as well, it's just that I live in Sweden and it takes weeks to get it delivered! Best Regards /Marcus
Sun, Oct 07 2007 10:39 PM
I just wish to note that I seem to see comments here but nobody seems to respond them. Is this becasue they are supports questions and not comments about the camera?
Wed, Nov 21 2007 10:47 AM
This section of the site is normally not monitored for comments. If you want to ensure a response you might want to start a new thread in the forums.

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