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Code of Conduct for AutoStarSuite.Net

Last post 01-24-2005, 11:36 PM by E2Pilot. 0 replies.
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  •  01-24-2005, 11:36 PM

    Code of Conduct for AutoStarSuite.Net

    StarCode of Conduct for AutoStarSuite.Net

    1. This group is open to anyone interested in astronomy or astrophotography, without prejudice of previous experience or equipment used. While the main topic of discussion should be centered around the Meade AutoStarSuite applications and cameras, threads including mounts,filters, reducers etc., will not only be allowed, but necessary as they are relevant to our hobby.

    2. Our group goal is to learn and share in the hope of advancement for all. If you wish to be helpful or provide a source of encouragement, please do so. It is better to push someone up the ladder of success than to stand on their head to elevate yourself. There are members here who are new to astronomy, so please speak in a way that can be understood by all.

    3. The rules are simple. Think before you post a message or reply. It should go without saying that flaming, badmouthing or profanity will result in immediate action. Slanderous criticism of Meade or any other company’s product will not be tolerated. Evaluation in the interest of comparison is allowed if in a helpful, constructive manner. Remember, there is a fine line between reason and slander.

    4. When posting in reply, please trim the original post to a minimum. Place your reply as close to the top of the original as possible. No one wants to scroll half way down a page to see what you have to say. User names don’t always lend themselves to one’s true identity, so make sure to leave your name so we know who to reply to.

    5. The responsibility of the moderators is to keep things in order. The responsibility of the individual member is to keep them from having to. If something goes wrong, remember - we do have jobs and are sometimes slow to respond. If anyone decides to display undesirable actions, the individual will receive a warning. If the problem persists, their posts will be moderated. If all else has failed, they will be removed from the group. These unfortunate actions would be to preserve the integrity of the group.

    Group Moderators

    Stephen P. Hamilton
    AutoStarSuite.Net Owner/Moderator
    King George Observatory
    38° 21' 26" , -77° 03' 04"
    Photos: My Photo Gallery

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