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More New Features

Last post 01-13-2006, 12:02 AM by Stephen P Hamilton. 0 replies.
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  •  01-13-2006, 12:02 AM

    Idea [I] More New Features

    Well, I have added a couple more things to AutoStarSuite.Net that I thought I would share.


    The first is a new menu at the top called “Astronomy News”.  This will take you to an aggregated news feed page that imports news from NASA and AstroMart.  I happen to really like this feature and think it adds more to the usefulness of the site.  If anyone has specific RSS feeds they think others would be interested in seeing, please let me know and I will get them in there also.  Just a quick note.  I have not included in the news feeds simply because I felt that having a feed that took users directly to a Meade competitor’s web site was probably not in keeping with the whole “Meade Support Site” deal LOL.  I really thought about this one for a while and just felt that there were other feeds out there that work equally as well, just an opinion.


    This next one isn’t really a change so much as an improvement.  Many of the changes involved personalization and member info.  One of those changes is the inclusion of the bio section.  Think of this as your own person instruction, bio, whatever you want.  If you click your own name at the top right side of the page, this wil take you to your personalization page.  While it is a very small little box, the one underneath the signature is a section for your Bio.  Don’t let the size of he box fool you, this is a fully HTML capable text box that you can format to tell the world all about you.  You can see mine here (click the bio tab):



    A small suggestion; if you are going to put the type of HTML in your that I have in mine, I would suggest you format it first in a normal HTML editor, then cut copy and paste it into the small box.  The text box really isn’t made for editing, just a place for you to place the text.  Also, if you do this in an HTML editor, be sure to not include the HTML tags, just everything between the BODY tags.


    On that same page, you can also edit your signature and this will also accept normal HTML.  Now then, since we don’t want signatures that are longer then the posts themselves, I have limited this to 512 characters, I figure that I enough for most folks.  You can see what I have done with this in my signature below.


    Lots more stuff, I’ll share more later.  Have fun.

    Stephen P. Hamilton
    AutoStarSuite.Net Owner/Moderator
    King George Observatory
    38° 21' 26" , -77° 03' 04"
    Photos: My Photo Gallery

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