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Venus, Goddess of Love  - LX90@f/20, DSI II Pro &amp; Color

Venus, Goddess of Love & Sister Planet to Earth

Venus is 37% illuminated by the Sun in this early evening picture ranking as the second brightest natural object in the night sky. Only the Moon is brighter than Venus. Venus is sometimes called Earth's "sister planet, because the two planets are similar in size, gravity, and bulk composition. Venus is not the place manned missions will likely ever explore, seeing how it's atmosphere consist of an opaque layer of highly reflective clouds of sulfuric acid, preventing its surface from being seen from space in visible light. It is the sulpheric acid that gives Venus its characteristic yellowish coloring.

Venus has proven to be a very difficult target for me over the years. This attempt appears to be my best image to date of Venus. This is likely due to the use of the DSI II Pro monochrome with the dark green Wratten filter, combined with color provided by the DSI II Color camera. Eight different sets of monochrome exposures were captured, with refocusing performed between each set. Set 6 was selected since the best focus quality was obtained in this set.

Seeing was quite good for an early evening, which allowed a magnification equivalent to approximately 440 times.

Equipment: LX90@f/20 (x2 barlow), Meade DSI II Pro monochrome camera, Meade DSI II Color camera, Green #48 wratten filter.

Luminance captured using a DSI II Pro camera with a #61 Green Wratten filter. RGB color image captured using a DSI II Color camera. Exposure time: .007 seconds, Gain=100/Offset=50 (both cameras).

Processing: LRGB, 76 luminance images, 67 each red, green and blue. All images saved in Fits format, aligned and stacked using Registax 4. Very slight wavelet #4 used (value 7.6), and saved in .tif format. Images loaded and combined into LRGB image using Photoshhop CS2. Color adjustment and slight unsharp mask applied.

Location: Watauga Skies Observatory, Watauga, Texas

Date: February 11, 2009

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ChuckR54 wrote:
Nicely done!

(great image, too!)


1:17 AM on February 14, 2009

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