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The Stargate Cluster - STF 1659

Equipent: Meade LX90@f/3.3 Alt/Az
mode, Baadar IR/UV cut filter, DSI color imager,  Outback Cooler at 10°C.

Details: Captured using Envisage 4 unguided. 99 x 1s, gain: 88,
offset 50. Images stacked and color merged in AS-IP. Post-processed in
Photoshop CS, LRGB.

The Stargate Cluster was named some 30 years ago by amateur astronomer John
Wagoner when he found it while slewing to Messier 104 at the Texas Star
Party. The asterism reminded him of the Stargate used by Buck Rogers to
escape into hyperspace, so he named it Stargate.

The symetry of the triangle within another triangle makes this cosmic
pattern stand out. Of course, what science or science-fiction fan can resist the draw
of seeing a real Stargate ?!?

More information about the Stargate is located here:

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