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Messier 42 - DSC-C in OIII

M42 - OIII 27 minute Exposure with DSI-C Alt/Az

Sky Watcher 80mm@f/5, V-block, Outback
Cooler@10C, 77 x 21.2s = 27 minutes total exposure time, gain=88, offset=50, Envisage set to  mono

Note the lack of M43 in OIII !

Can you perform filtered monochrome imaging with the DSI one-shot Color
camera?? These exposures were taken with an OIII filter on my DSI-C to
find out.

The result? Yes, it is possible, but exposure time is greatly extended,
in this case by double the  time compared to another
color M42 I attempted on an earlier date. See the Color M42  posting as a
reference for this OIII.

Due to the fact that the OIII photons must go through the CMYK filters
for each pixel, I feel there is not any real advantage in this mode for
the DSI-C. This dilutes the effective resolution for each pixel, since
the color information is lost. The true monochrome imaging camera has a
great advantage in this mode of operation.

The mode still may be of value on certain objects by defining different
regions in an object using a different spectral response, say for the
famous Horsehead perhaps? M42 actually suffers in OIII, since there is
very little response in the M43 region which is a significant part of
what we normally include as a part of M42 :o)

If you are considering using an Ha or OIII with the DSI-Color, I hope this helps you in your  decision.


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