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Messier 92 - DSI Pro Luminance

Messier 92 - Globular Cluster in Hercules

Even with poor seeing conditions (2/5), the DSI Pro does a repectable job of imaging the globular cluster that lives in the shadow of more popular Messier 13. I would like to have used longer subs to increase the depth of the star-field, but 30 seconds was the longest usable time due to the poor seeing conditions. I will visit M92 again when conditions are good enough to allow me to get good color exposures at f/10.

Magnitude +6.5, size 11.2 ' x 11.2 '
Distance: approximately 26,000 light-years

Settings: 16 x 30s, gain=100, offset=43

Equipment: Meade LX90@f/10, DSI Pro, IR filter, Outback Cooler at 15°C. Guided by DSI Color on Sky Watcher 80mm refractor at f/10.

Post Processing: Alignment, stacking and DDP in AIP4WIN. Light curves applied and minor black point adjustment done with Photoshop CS.

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