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Messier 92 - DSI Pro, LX90

Messier 92 - Globular Cluster in Hercules - DSI Pro LRGB

This is a rework of my first DSI Pro LRGB project. This is a certainly a case where "Less is More". On the first processing attempt, I allowed myself to get way too aggressive with the processing and it showed.

Luminance exposures were imaged on 06/24 and very good seeing allowed me to get color exposures on 06/28. This glob is a difficult target due to its small size. To obtain the detail I desired required imaging with the DSI Pro at f/10 on the LX90, which is only possible with very good seeing conditions and a lot of attention to focus.

Magnitude +6.5, size 11.2' x 11.2'
Distance: approximately 26,000 light-years

Settings: Luminance 16 x 30s, gain=100, offset=43
Color: 100/48 histo, red=6 x 60s, green = 8 x 60s, blue=12 x 60s

Equipment: Meade LX90@f/10, DSI Pro, IR filter, Outback Cooler at 15°C. Guided by DSI Color on Sky Watcher 80mm refractor at f/10.

- Post Processing -
Luminance: Alignment, stacking and DDP in AIP4WIN. Light curves applied and minor black point adjustment done with Photoshop CS.
Color: Drizzle in Envisage, aligned in AIP4WIN
LRGB created in Photoshop CS with light color balance adjust using level tool and light curve tool brightness enhancements.

Original Photo

Photo Comments

Kevin Smith wrote:
Absolutely Beautiful!! Great Job!

11:19 PM on August 5, 2006

Leonrd wrote:
Excellent !! Well done!
Leonard E.M.

4:32 AM on August 6, 2006

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