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  • Re: DSI III Outback cooler

    Thanks Chuck for the info, I'm realizing how nice it would be to stabilize the temp.
    Posted to DSI - Deep Sky Imager (Forum) by Dave62 on June 19, 2009
  • DSI III Outback cooler

    Does anyone know if there is a problem ordering the DSI III outback cooler?? I put a order in 7 weeks ago and tried emailing Steve with no answer back several times?? I've read old posts on yahoo about a problem with the ability to cool the chip properly, maybe this is the delay. It sure would have been nice if Meade would have done there own ...
    Posted to DSI - Deep Sky Imager (Forum) by Dave62 on June 18, 2009
  • Back focus distance 6.3 focal reducer DSI III

    Hi I'm fairly new at this&nbsp;I was hopeing someone could let me know if there is some magic number for the distance from my focal reducer to my DSI III. I've read in some place that 70mm is about right but with my meade focuser (electric I think it's a 1209) and atik filter wheel and low profile adapter I'm at about 110mm. My scope is a 8'' ...
    Posted to DSI - Deep Sky Imager (Forum) by Dave62 on April 24, 2009
  • Re: Brand New DSI IIIc-Cannot get a picture, Only get Noise

    I just got a DSI IIIc and took it on vacation to a dark spot. I brought my DSI IIc just in case and I am glad that I did. I get it connected and it shows up in the software but the DSI III only shows noise. I don't know if I am doing somehting wrong or if it is broken. After a few wasted hours I used my DSI II and it worked fine. Anyone every ...
    Posted to DSI - Deep Sky Imager (Forum) by Dave62 on October 15, 2008

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